Keywords = psychological well-being
Explaining the model of teachers' psychological well-being based on wisdom mediated by humor styles

Volume 12, Issue 3, October 2023, Pages 61-48


Moslem Daneshpayeh; Fariborz Dortaj; Shima Salehi; Mohammad Drikand

The role of positive and negative affect in predicting psychological well-being of athletic students

Volume 8, Issue 3, December 2019, Pages 40-55


B Taghipour; F Qolami; M.J Ranjbar; Z Rostam Oqli; R Barzegaran

Effectiveness of resilience training on anger control and psychological well-being in impulsive students

Volume 6, Issue 4, February 2018, Pages 120-139


E Sadri Damirchi; S Bashorpoor; Sh Ramezani; G Karimanpour